Providing urgent financial assistance to patients and their families since 1991

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Organisations can make all the difference to the lives of organ transplant recipients by becoming a corporate partner of Transplant Patients Trust. Whether you make us your permanent partner or chose us as your charity of the year, your support can have an immensely positive impact.


You can show your support through staff fundraising events that bring the team together while making a big difference! From simple bake sales to office fancy dress, every fundraiser helps to spread awareness and raise much needed funds, building a brighter future for organ transplant recipients and their families.


Organisations have the ability to further awareness through their marketing channels such as including the work we do in newsletters, having our logo on promotional pieces and talking of the work we do in meetings. The sky is the limit and we remain eternally grateful for all the help received from our corporate partners.


Please get in touch with us if your organisation is help our cause in any way.