Providing urgent financial assistance to patients and their families since 1991

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The Transplant Patients Trust of Great Britain (TPT) was established as a registered charity in 1991 and has continued to grow ever since. Founded by leading surgeon Ross Taylor, TPT is dedicated to providing reliable support to those who have been affected by transplants. It is our aim to prevent circumstances of poverty by providing financial help for patients and their families who have had a successful or failed organ transplant and those awaiting an organ transplant.


Currently, TPT has four trustees who are dedicated to building our cause and helping our financial aid reach as many in need as possible. Our past trustees have included many amazing people from doctors, nurses, social workers, past transplant patients who want to give back and others who have been affected by or feel passionate about organ transplants.


As a charity that is solely reliant upon funds raised from events organised by our trustees and donations, a lot of our funding has come from inspiring people whom are past transplants recipients and their families. We are eternally grateful for their ongoing support and are always looking for ways to increase our support network so we can continue aiding those who need it most.